Air Pipe Installation

Compressed air and Vacuum Distribution Piping System

An energy efficient compressed air or vacuum distribution piping system must originate from the concept, design and engineering culminating in proper installation.

Modern materials limit or eliminate internal corrosion. The smooth internal surface as well as the low friction pipe fittings used assures laminar flow. Laminar flow results in low pressure systemic pressure drops.

The external environment is another consideration. Offshore drilling platforms, mining applications, airborne corrosive gasses as well as near-shore environments create situations wherein special external coatings are required.

The application dictates the design and material. Upon determination of the application and material (vacuum, air, inert gas, explosive or corrosive gas), piping material selection follows.

PVC Pipe is sensitive to the ultra violet component of sunlight. It reacts to most synthetic lubricants as well.

PVC is almost never an accepted material. It becomes brittle when exposed to the UV component of sunlight. Some synthetic compressor lubricants have a detrimental affect.

Some local codes forbid the installation of PVC below 10 feet above the floor. Some locations dictate the installation of PVC inside metal tubing.

Local building codes control proper pipe hangers as well as the distance between hangers.

The use of threaded pipe, either black iron or galvanized, is pretty much a thing of the past. Pipe scale, rust as well as leaks result.

Copper pipe is the only alternative in some applications. Laminar flow, almost no leaks. Verdigris (the green corrosion) sometimes results from moisture. If correct post-soldering cleaning is ignored external corrosion can result.

The development of powder-coated aluminum pipe is the result of the demand for a light weight non corrosive and non-reactive material. The seals used in the pipe fittings have proven to be long-lasting and leak free .

Certain applications such as food, dairy products, some pharmaceutical and very high pressure demands the use of stainless steel pipe or tubing.

Let us do the design and engineering as well as the selection of correct material. We will do the math, supply the material as well as the trained personnel.