Air Compressor Rentals

When To Rent

Air Compressor Rental Delivery

Renting an air compressor is a great way to avoid production shutdowns. When scheduling compressor overhauls or replacement or relocation, the first step should be securing and installing a rental unit.

A catastrophic failure with no backup machine installed makes a rental compressor the perfect answer.

Seasonal Peak Demands

Seasonal peak production demands indicate the need for a rental compressor. A small rental unit augmenting the installed unit is a solution to increased demand without the cost of a purchase.

Short Special Production Runs

Short duration production runs requiring a higher quality or higher pressure air than that produced by the installed unit indicates the opportunity to rent a system instead of the long-term commitment of a purchase or lease.

Short Duration Reduced Demand

An interval of reduced production may indicate the requirement for the rental of a smaller system. Operating a compressed air system below capacity for extended periods will cause water to remain in the lubrication system (the unit never gets hot enough to release the condensed water) resulting in catastrophic failure.

Cash flow Impact

Long term rentals avoid the impact on cash flow of a purchase. They also avoid the increased long term liability of a lease agreement.

Up- Or Downsizing

A short term rental is also the solution when there is doubt about up-sizing a compressor. Renting a compressor of the same capacity as the proposed unit provides proof positive of the correctness of the proposed unit.

Cost Adders

Additional cost items usually consist of:

  • Bull hose for temporary air connection
  • Electrical whip for temporary electrical connection
  • Additional receiver
  • Delivery and pick up charges
  • Installation and removal charges
  • Multiple shift use

Diesel Portables In A Manufacturing Application

A word of caution; a portable diesel unit form a rental yard is NOT typically acceptable in a manufacturing environment. A diesel unit will produce air quality far below that required by air bearings, production air tools, instruments and most other applications. Routing the air through installed filters and dryers will usually clean it. Replacing a tank mounted all-in-one unit with a diesel portable will contaminate the entire system. Either rent a tank mounted all-in-one unit or rent the required dryers and filters.

Air Compressor Rentals We Offer

  • Champion 10HP (230V)
  • Champion 10HP (460V)
  • Oil-Less Model
  • Champion 10HP
  • Screws HP
  • Hydrovane 5HP
  • IR 7.5HP
  • Hydrovane 10HP
  • Hydrovane 10HP (Vertical)
  • Hydrovane 10HP (Vertical)
  • Curtis 10HP
  • CompAir Leroi 20HP
  • Hydrovane 20HP (Horizontal)
  • Hydrovane 30HP
  • Hydrovane 30HP (Vertical)
  • Hydrovane 30HP (Vertical)
  • Leroi 50HP (No Enclosure)
  • Leroi 50HP (Enclosed)
  • Leroi 50HP (Enclosed)
  • Atlas Copco 100HP

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