Air Compressor Repair

Repairs are not routine or scheduled/predictive maintenance.

Repairs to electrical switch gear or to internal pressure circuits are hazardous. The casual maintenance person must not attempt these repairs. A trained and qualified technician should accomplish all repairs. Repairs are not the same as routine or scheduled/predictive maintenance.

Quote or Estimate?

Remember, an estimate is not the same as a quote. A quoted price may or may not include freight, taxes or other associated costs. Be sure the quoting facility is cognizant of the potential additional costs and that all work stops until you authorize any adders.

An estimate is a “ball park” guess and is non-binding. Once you agree to an estimate additional costs can be added without your specific permission.

Why is Labor so Expensive?

Repairs to electrical switch gear or to internal pressure circuits are hazardous. The casual maintenance person must not attempt these repairs.

Any repairs made during the basic warranty period or an extended warranty period, must be performed by qualified trained personnel. Use of original equipment parts is mandatory.

An accurate quote requires disassembly and inspection. Even obvious failures may have caused hidden damage. A charge for this service is normal. After all, a trained technician, his tools and his vehicle must be dispatched and paid for.

The alternative is to deliver the unit to the distributors’ facilities. This will eliminate travel time and the associated truck/vehicle charge. A set shop charge is available in some instances.

Damaged castings, bearing surfaces or seal areas may require outside machining. This adds additional costs.

Specialized meters required by modern compressors cost more than you might imagine. The day of using an adjustable wrench and a hammer are long past.

Training is intense, ongoing and thorough.

Control technology changes almost monthly. Software updates occur frequently. Computer and controller hardware seem to change constantly. This all adds to the cost of machinery as well as increased repair costs.


In conclusion, get a quote! Specify that you require notification of any concealed damage. State clearly that any proposed additional work beyond the quote must be accompanied by a change order and that the order must be signed by you. State, in writing, that you will not accept fiscal responsibility for unauthorized work.